Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I walked past a recruitment agency advertising audio typists today, and that's what I first thought it said. Sounds like good advice to me.

Then I found a fiver, and I picked it up, but a scary blonde woman immediately threw herself on top of me and ripped it from my hand, shouting "I'm sorry it's ours I'm sorry thank you I'm sorry", and then ran away. I was very bemused by this, and then slightly relieved, as I'd just realised that the note had been lying on a (used?) condom, and I was wondering if I'd accidentally touched it...

And then I went to Grays and discovered that mousetrap manufacturers all seem to have pretty sick little minds - all the death traps had scary cute names, like 'little nipper' and 'the big cheese'.

I got the humane ones of course, and - oh what a drag - then had to get chocolate to bait it.

So many bizarre adventures all in one day. How about you?

This is an illustration I made today for a short story written by Connie for Emmeline.

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