Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pinhole day!

My very first pinhole pic!

So, in preparation for 29 April, I faffed about with a pinhole camera last week. It was rather amusing.
I started off using an Underberg tin, until, after three days of faffing and applying and re-applying paint, I finally had enough and used a cardboard box. I painted the inside black using spray paint. My dad had used a sewing needle to drill a tiny hole in a piece of black spray can lid plastic, which I used as a "lens", and I used an old refillable ORWO film container to wind up the 'used' film. For winding the film, I stuck a wooden stick through a hole in the bottom of the box, and tried to get it light tight, but some of the fuzzage in some of the pics make me wonder if it worked. I taped everything shut with black gaffer tape.
The first film was a black and white one, but it snapped after I had only taken two pictures, so only the one above made it. The woman at the photo shop was quite cool, and let me borrow her changing bag everytime I couldn't work out what was going on in that box.


The colour film I used was a bit luckier. About five of the ten pics I took turned out ok. I completely misjudged the aim on every single one of them, though. That's why none of them show anything whole.

Nils' bum

Nevertheless, I'm really very chuffed with how they turned out. I was very doubtful that anything would be visible on them at all, and expected some blurry splotches at best.
But there you go. Pinhole Day, here I come!


Ali said...

Go you. What a great start. I am new to this art of photography too, and like you, am totally fascinated by it! I am currently using an hexagonal tin and the bend it puts on the image gives a really unusual distortion.

Roll on Pinhole Day.

Keep it up.

King Carmen said...

:^) thanks, ali! it certainly looks like it could turn out to be an addictive new hobby!

sharon said...


maik said...

hey carmen ...

das bild mit dem stuhl ist echt schick ... gratulation ... hands up for carmen ...

hab conny gemailt, wegen du weißt schon ...