Friday, July 06, 2007

We're off to nursery...

Off to nursery!

Nils starts nursery on Monday, how weird is that...? For this purpose, apparently, he needs a shoe bag, a concept I haven't quite grasped yet. I actually had to do a Google image search to find out what I was doing. Why do you call it a 'Shoe bag'? It's just a bag, right? Does the police come round and get you if you carry shoes in a bag not expressly designated for that purpose?

You non-Germans are funny people, it's gotta be said.


ark said...

That's a mighty nice shoe bag you made there!

It seems especially weird considering where you live and the first time we were there and went to the commonwealth pool we saw so many people going swimming with their kit in a plastic shopping bag that we've since renamed all plastic shopping bags "Scottish Gym Bags".

I hope Nils likes nursery, Emily loves it. He'll really build up his immune system (and yours) but that all passes pretty quickly.

King Carmen said...

:^) Thanks!

'Scottish Gym Bags' - that's funny!