Saturday, November 10, 2007

Here's to friends with unfinished projects

A sneaky snake

Ages and ages ago, back in Germany, I once made a snake out of lots of sleeves I cut off a pile of clothes we were throwing out. I stuffed it with the rest of those clothes, all shredded, which was a complete nightmare to do, and made the beast incredibly heavy. But it sure is one cool snake.

Recently, I'd been looking for a way to get rid of all those pieces of fabric that are too ugly to use on their own, or too big to throw out but too small to do anything else with, so stripes seemed the easiest solution. And snakes! Well, snakes are a good thing to have round the house anyways, as well as a good stripey bits of fabric user-upper. This was all helped by the fact that a certain friend, until yesterday, had a cupboard full of ONE HUNDRED MILLION tiny styrofoam balls, left over from a bean bag making project that didn't materialise in the end.

The result is a 4 meter long lightweight snake which rustles softly when you trip over it. Wahey!


PhotonStorm said...

Hey, he's COOL! :-)

-- Bruce.

mrs t said...

He sure is! I want one! And a kitty too!