Friday, January 18, 2008

My Son!

Mother's pride
Nils has always been fairly intrigued by the sewing machine. If I leave it out, he amuses himself for hours, well, a good few minutes at least..., by standing on the pedal, before trying to pull it off the table. Today was SuperTetchTime [TM], and eventually I figured I might as well do some sewing whilst listening to him whine. Sounds horrid, I know. He seemed to have quite a good time sitting on my lap and watching the sewing machine, though. He only tried to grab the needle while it was running twice!

Anyways, I finally stopped my sewing bit, and he grabbed a scrap of fabric and tried to push it into the machine, causing me to almost shed tears of joy at his creative ambitions. Of course I helped him to get it in and spent the next 20 minutes pushing the pedal whilst he pressed the backwards button and tried to change the needle position. Quite the little seamster!

But, dear readers, I bet you're all burning to know what I was sewing! And I shall not keep it a secret, oh no! I finally made myself a new bag, using my favourite ribbon in the world.

The bag's now finally finished, but it's too late now and dark and winter makes the photos I take even more rubbish than normal, so no more pics for now. Maybe later.

Oh, the ribbon, the ribbon! I got it from here. Oh, damn. Now I've looked at her website again, I'll have to buy more! The elephants! Look at the elephants! I need it! Aaaaaaaarrrgh!

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