Friday, December 05, 2008

Last minute brainwave

You know, I'm really quite worried that nobody will show tomorrow. Oh well. Last night, as was, I guess, to be expected, the Last Minute Brainwave [tm] Hang on. As I was trying to finish that sentence, I got distracted by crazy numbers of birds trying to all land on one tree simultaneously outside my window. So I had to go and take a picture, and here it is:
Waxwings, apparently

A quick trawl through the Concise Encyclopedia of Birds (Bertel Bruun, 1974, illustrated by Paul Singer) identified them as Waxwings. Just as well I started at the back... The book (bought for 80p in a charity shop, mostly to have something to copy when drawing birds) sez: Waxwing: a member of the family Bombycillidae. The three species of waxwings are found in the forests of the northern part of the Northern Hemisphere. Waxwings are medium-sized, crested passerines. They are social in habits outside the breeding season. Waxwings often perform irruptions of areas outside their normal range. They live mainly on berries [which explains why they were going crazy over the rowan tree...] Well. Irruptions, indeed.

Now what I wanted to say seems all boring in the light of these punky irrupting birds.

Foo. Monster. Box. Mini. Blah.

Last minute brainwave

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