Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Finished and ready to go!

So, this is the box, all finished. It turned out so much nicer than I had ever hoped... And here's the perfect thing that happened:

I found a stone with a hole in it! When I first started thinking about what to put in the box, the possibility of including a stone with a hole in it made me squeak with its perfectness. But I knew, of course, that a) I wouldn't get to a beach in time and b) even if I did, what are the chances of actually finding a stone with a hole in it? Practically zero, that's what. And then, suddenly, a friend found herself with a spare car seat and the urge to go to North Berwick, and there it was, waiting for me. A little stone with an even littler hole in it. I was so chuffed!

Of course, the main point of the box is the handmade things in it, so I also included some boring notecards, ribbon and some Coraline-themed mittens. Yawn. ;^)

I hope the design on the mittens is recognisable. The back has a cat on it (and a big button at the top), and the inside is all buttons, with a key on the thumb. There's also little keys round the wrist.

Anyways. That's me. I'm rather pleased. I've been trying not to look at the Coraline Mystery Box Swap flickr group, even though I'm supposed to add some pics. But! Won't it give away the surprise? I don't know which box no. I will receive, but when I do, I really don't want to have seen any of it beforehand... So for now, I'm not adding any pics to the group, but maybe eventually I will.


Inge said...

Da wird sich jemand freuen, wenn er diese tolle Box bekommt.

gingiber said...

What a wonderful thing. I love the mittens. Did you design them yourself?

Perfect,I am sure the person that gets it will be so pleased with it.


Carmen said...

Hehe, yes, I'm rather pleased with myself. I used the Generic Norwegian Mitten pattern for the shape, but designed the pattern myself.

Yoli said...

I think it is just beautiful.

myra said...

Really incredible box. So well done!!