Friday, August 21, 2009

Hello! I'm not sure where the last couple of weeks went to. I appear to have been busy, partly with secret stuff, and partly with random boring non-crafty stuff, but mostly with small things. One small thing turned three last Friday! No idea how that happened. Gran is getting into severe hint-dropping mode with regards to siblings now. Geez.

Anyways. Yesterday, almost by accident, I stumbled across Swap Bot again. I'd kinda gone off it, as most of the swaps ended up being for ATCs (no offence to any ATC makers out there! Just not my thang...), and I felt their rating system was spiralling out of control a bit. Nichtsdestotrotz (there really should be an english word for this.) I had a look, and came across the Teeny Tiny Stuffie swap, and felt inspired enough to join. Then I spent half an hour making the little feller above and now I have to wait! For weeks and weeks! I guess that's the other part I didn't really like about it...

Also on the crafty front, I made a 'sugarbag' for our wee nephew, who started school last week.

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