Monday, September 07, 2009

Here's one for the laydeeeez...

Every year for the last three years, I've seen this, and every year I meant to do something for it, and every year, until now, I failed. Yesterday, I had a brainwave, followed by doodles, followed by the production of this wee lass at the top, followed by the realisation that I couldn't send her all the way to Australia, selfish brat that I am, followed by the production of the wee lass at the bottom, which, I would like to point out to my dear readers, has *a pocket*. A pocket, people! I'm very much in love with this tiny pocket, and just to avoid having to make another one, I packed it all up in double-quick time and sent it off.

I do really like little projects like this, which allow me to get carried away a bit. All too often now, I come up with a little critter and wonder if it would be feasible to sell it. Not having reached quite the cult status I deserve yet, unfortunately few people have so far expressed the wish to pay 50 quid for a stuffed toy yet, so generally, I try and keep it simple.

Although, when I looked at commercially available dolls, I was quite surprised to find that a lot of them cost that much or more! Mind you, a lot of them cost a lot less, as well... Anyways. I'm rambling again.

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Kim said...

Hi! You are one of my swapbot partners-Your blog looks like tons of fun and I can't wait to have a better look around! I've added you to my blogroll~Tpartymom