Sunday, November 08, 2009

Christmas Madness has begun

Please, people, note that the Out of the Blue Christmas Market this year will be a 3-day-extravaganza, so there'll be no excuses this time! I'll be sharing a stall with Sharon Whyte and James Homer, on all three days, and there'll be lotsa cool stuff to buy buy buy! The dates are 5th, 12th and 13th December 2009, from 11am till 7pm, at the Drill Hall, Dalmeny Street, Edinburgh.

Meanwhile, I've been arsing around with ideas for a tattoo for the second doll. The very first tattoo I've ever considered getting was actually something very similar to this. As it stands, I still haven't gotten around to getting one, and not sure I ever will (visions of nasty old ladies with blurry tattoos on their forearms are still etched deeply into my memory from my time working at the bingo hall...), but my brain is currently furiously trying to work out how to adapt this to something small enough to go on a doll.

Results to be posted soon!

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