Saturday, February 13, 2010


Back from the long dark teatime of the soul I appear to have had, but guess what! Camera's broken again. Not that there's anything to photograph round here. Aside from a few hats and mittens and some stuff I made.

Most of that is a lie, actually. The camera did break, but we've got a new one (it's shiny and barely visible to the naked eye, and makes photos that don't look crap, wahey!). And that teatime thingee was mostly laziness and involved an awful lot of hot chocolate. Anyways, people, I have plans. Plans that I won't reveal to you just yet, (in case I run out of steam before realising them) (and also just in case I come up with even better ones in the near future) but nevertheless, my head is full of them. Kinda.

What I'm currently working on is a cardy. It's knitted. It'll be my first successful (yes it will) "big" (read: bigger than mittens and hats) knitting project, and it's made out of some lovely don't-know-what grey yarn, which came from an oversized old cardy inherited from my gran in my oversized teenage days. I love it already and have picked out some nice purple flowery buttons for it.

*Will* post pics at some point!

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