Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The things you find in the bottom of drawers...

So, last week, I finally cleared out my sets of IKEA mini drawer boxes (you know the ones I mean...) and found this. I made it ages ago, after getting an 'African Beading' book from my aunt, and there it was, suddenly looking at me from the bottom of the box. I kinda like the droopy friendly expression it's got (see the detail). And if I didn't want a purple beard already, a beaded beard would probably be my next choice. It's made out of sculpey, which is waaay better (and cheaper) than Fimo.

Originally uploaded by King Carmen.

Also last week, I found a book called 'Silk Ribbon Embroidery', by Ann Cox. It's a bit of a granny pleaser, but hey, nothing wrong with that, is there? I liked the cutsey 3D details on it, and here's my first go:

Granny pleaser
Originally uploaded by King Carmen.

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