Thursday, April 06, 2006

Granny-to-be's been busy...

My mommy and daddy were over for the last week, and it was nice. My mum's been busy knitting royal robes for the first free born citizen of Carmenland, and then discovered this fluffy yarn I had lying about, and immediately set about making cute socks. Not sure if the yarn is maybe a bit too fluffy for small human beings, but they're quite big. I might put some soles on them and officially declare them slippers.

I wanted to play about with a few more orchid pics. Didn't come up with anything useful for a while, but this one turned out alright. I made a set of note cards for Dr. Mikenstein's mom's birthday from them.

Oh, here's some exciting news! We're going to get comfy chairs! YAY! We've been dithering about buying a sofa for ages now. All the ones we've seen were made of ugly things and poo, but now we're going to get some lovely papasan chairs, and just let guests sit on the existing uncomfy sofa! Hooray! To celebrate, I got some lurvely fabric from John Lewis, so I can cover the chairs and our sofa in it. It was reduced from £10 to £5, and I still had some vouchers I got for Christmas, and it just all seemed so right!

Purchases of the week
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And finally, it has also been a successful week in shopping. I got some lovely green pearls and a cute brooch, which I don't know what to do with yet, from a charity shop for the grand total of £2.30! Also, I discovered Venus Magazine,
which has proven to be quite an interesting read. I didn't even check if you can get it in Britain, just ordered it from their website, and it hardly took a week to arrive! Must check out if Borders have it, though. Just because it would be nice to know that there *are* readworthy mags available for sale in this country. Only one of the many interesting things it mentions is the Magazine Project, which sounds like a truly inspired and badly needed bit of fun. Check it out: Models On Pages May Be Uglier Than They Appear.
And last but not least: shoes! I found them accidentally (looking for... err... shoes... but different ones) on the net somewhere, and, having no control whatsoever over myself, ordered them. I just love the cutsey flower. And the funky holes. And the pink laces. And everything else about them, too.

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sharon whyte said...

lots of lovely things!! the magazine looks interesting, i must go and have a look, and i love the notecards - good idea to use the design that way.