Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Holiday project

Hello! I'm back! Isn't that exciting?

Well, not much happened around here for the last month or so, mostly because I was on holiday in Germany. And whilst they do have internet access there, they also tend to have nice weather, which makes it difficult to stay inside. I haven't been completely lazy, though. For years I'd been planning to upholster that armchair I got from my great gran yonks ago, and this time I finally did it. So, this

is what it looked like at the start. As you can see the stuffing is falling out in places.

So, I started off by taking the old fabric off...

...just to discover more layers of fabric.

And nails. Oh my god, the nails. I could have opened a nail shop. For anybody who likes to purchase bent rusty old nails without heads.

Anyways, this went on for a bit until I got to a layer of what seemed to be mostly dusty fluff

Initially I wanted to keep this, for softness reasons, but ended up taking it off and stuffing it into the arms instead.

I then covered the whole thing in a new clean, if a little ugly, layer of cotton, hoping that the next person to attempt changing the covers of this chair wouldn't have to go through 50 layers of old patchy fabric again:

...and then, finally put on new lovely sky blue corduroy (what else...)

So there!

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