Monday, June 26, 2006

More holiday fun

They're talking about sex on the radio. In the middle of the day. What has the world come to? I am shocked and apalled, etc etc...

Anyways, there was a little bit of time to do other things apart from faffing about with that chair on my holiday, and of course everybody knows that there is a law against not buying fabric on holiday, so my mum and I went to the cloth shop and made some purchases.

I once again came away with mostly jersey, including this lovely patterned yellow one, which I made into a top within minutes of returning home from the expedition.

I very quickly had to note that for the wearing of this, I'm going to have to wait until I've regained my ...ahem... waiflike pre-pregnancy figure. Oh well.

I also got a small piece of this oh-so-cute bit of cotten. It's *so* sweet! I'm currently in the process of dithering over what to make with it. A bag, possibly.

Also on holiday, my [random relative] Nora, who's an officially designated artist, crazy woman and has since managed to have a baby (Congratulations!) without anybody noticing - the wonders of adoption - introduced me to needlefelting. It's remarkably easy, and though my first attempt is maybe a bit feeble, I'm rather pleased with it.

The rest of my holiday I spent bitching about how some of my African Violets still haven't managed to produce a single flower ever since I nicked the cuttings from my mum, just to return home and find them flowering. Here, for your unadulterated entertainment, is the proof:

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