Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pregnancy woes

I just had the radgest midwife ever round my house. She started off by telling me that I should really get some more pain relief than just gas and air. I told her about the hypnobirthing course we did and she just gave me a look she obviously usually reserves for people with mild dementia.

Then she kind of complained about the fact that the area we've vaguely set aside for the birth is basically on the floor, as this could be quite hard on everybody's back.

And then she rounded it all off by trying to get my mum to tell me how horrendously painful it's going to be. Thankfully my mum refused to.

What *IS* the point in scaring the living daylight out of people?? I've had to hear this 'Oh well, you've got to be realistic', meaning 'Face it, you're never going to make it without drugs' argument so often now, I'm really quite sick of it. Surely midwives are here to support you? If I wanted somebody to tell me what position to have the baby in, I'd go to hospital!

Anyways. All the more reason to do it our way. I've started making a list of things I'm going to do once the baby's here:

1. I'm going to lie on my tummy for ages.
2. I'm going to dye my hair (This might have to wait a while, I know)
3. And finally (for now), if I can be arsed, I'm going to spend a considerable amount of time sitting down on and getting up from various chairs and sofas *like a normal person*. Wahey!

Well, that's it for now. I'm off to walk up the stairs sideways.


ark said...

Ugh, sorry you had a miserable midwife, drug free births are possible and can be quite tolerable. Our little Emily arrived drug free and her Mummy said that she'd take the pain of childbirth over the pain of breastfeeding any day. they both get better over time, so stick to your guns and do what feels best for you. That's the key phrase. Do what's best for you.

When we arrived at the hospital all the delivery nurses were telling us what to do and all of it was making us feel like we were doing everything wrong. Once the midwife arrived and said, your body knows what it wants, so listen to is and just do what feels right and good to you, everything went MUCH better. (the only exception to this is if they tell you to stop pushing, you don't want to tear...)

Best of luck! it's all going to go great and you're going to be super tough.

King Carmen said...

Thank you very much! I just hate to feel like I'm up against them... It seems to me that helping mums and dads to be more confident would surely help the process along more than making them feel stupid and incapable....

ark said...

Oh yeah and another top tip! make sure you make the most of lying on your front while you can, because once your milk comes in it'll be painful again :(

sharon whyte said...

poo to the nasty midwife!

gingiber said...

Hi a friend of mine just had a home birth without any drugs including gas and air. I am asking if I can send you her blog of her experirnces. I seems like she found some pretty resonable mid-wives too.