Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My week in... well... words

Kitty cat mobile
Originally uploaded by King Carmen.

This is a kitty cat mobile I made for that smelly small boy. He does occasionally get transfixed by it.

Yesterday he had his first encounter with some nice tramps. It was quite funny. There's this particular kind of friendly hobo I've only ever seen here in Scotland. They usually are very polite and well spoken, and randomly chat to you for a bit before going about their way. They're never scary or impossible to get rid of, either, they behave more like old aquaintances.

So, yesterday we walked through the meadows, and these three drunk guys were on the path. To be fair, they weren't completely steaming, just marginally more tipsy than is usually considered acceptable at 11 in the morning. I probably would have tried to avoid them if I could have, but there was no space, so when the oldest one stopped and started chatting I had to stop too. He was very nice and just asked all the usual questions (age, gender, name, health'n'all that), and then got out a pound and gave it to Nils. Having spotted that I'm not Scottish, he then went on to explain about scottish traditions and how one always should give a coin to a new baby. They were very sweet. In a slightly smelly way.

Anzwaz, my exciting discovery of the week is that John Lewis have a dress fabric department again! And they sell some (ridiculously priced) flowery corduroy! And I want it so bad. I think I may just have to spend that enormous load of child benefit we're getting on some fabric there.


sharon said...

i've never heard of that tradtion before. what did nils spend it on?

sharon said...

tradition. i can spell.

King Carmen said...

well... that just goes to show that you're not a *real* scot, doesn't it. or, at least that you're not 50 yet.

the tradition also says to put it in a piggy bank with all the other coins you're supposed to get. i don't know if spending comes into it at some point. maybe i'll ask the tramp next time i see him.

mrs t said...

hee heee, even I've heard of that tradition! :-P