Monday, December 04, 2006

Good things come to those who... err... do nothing?

Ha! Meet up! My arse! More like, exhibit. (Not my arse, thankfully) Be guest artist for the night'n'stuff!

Ok, so the whole story goes like this: On Friday I emailed the guy from the aforementioned arty farty place, because Cousin Jenn told me so, and I usually do what she tells me to. Turns out, they'll be having an exhibition running from 15 December till the end of the year, and they do occasionally invite extra people to show and tell. So, they were wondering if I could hang round there for a night and show off some of my stuff!

Naturally, I said YESYESYES without thinking, and now I've got a whole load of stuff to make/ remake (because it's mostly about the books, and obviously I only ever make one and give that away, thinking I can easily make another one for myself when I've got more time...), and of course in the light of this new development the ideas have come flooding into my brain so that it doesn't now know where to start.

PLUS I've got still at least 3 Christmas prezzies to make or finish, which my fickle brain has now completely lost interest in.

What have I done to deserve this?

Err, nothing, I think.


sharon said...

it's about time you got some recognition for your amazing work! i'll be happy to *lend* you (he he) the books you made me if it helps you in any way - just as long as they don't find their way into anyone elses grubby paws!!!

King Carmen said...

:^D Thanks, Sharon. There will be lots of grubby paws fondling them, I expect, so you better hold on to your ones. Though I was maybe going to pick your brains a bit about what else to put in and stuff.

hektor said...

hey up carmen ... "the guy from the aforementioned arty farty place" sounds some kind of "schal um den hals und schieberkappe auf..."
regards ..

King Carmen said...

:^D das oder nickelbrille und rollkragenpulli.