Friday, December 01, 2006

Christmas mode: on

The first snow
I found the pattern for this here. Well, it was linked to from somebody's blog, but I can't find now which one. I ended up kinda making it up as I went along, as that funny non-german habit of describing what to do with words, rather than giving you a simple diagram to follow does my head in. As a result, as you can see, mine isn't as nice as the original and I'll have to play about with it a bit more.

Once again I've decided that I'm not blogging enough. Usually I think about 20 times a day 'Oh, I could blog about that', but by the time I get round to it, I've forgotten what I wanted to say. Is this a common problem or just me?

Anyways, now for some randomness: I've had these telescopic chopsticks for ages.

Telescopic chopsticks

I don't know why I kept them. They just somehow amused me so much. Well, yesterday I finally saw sense and into the bin they went. The other random thing I noticed yesterday was this:

Never seen this before...

Master? What kind of qualification do you need to be a master? Evil overlord? Pipesmoker? Can I be one? And why is there no option for Doctor? Surely there are more Doctors about than Masters? I feel rather discombobulated by this.

Recently I've been mostly making christmas presents. Most of them I took pictures of, but can't post them yet, just in case any of the intended recipients suddenly discover the internet. This is where I start wondering why I try to get them to look at my flickr page rather than asking me to email (or - even worse! - print and post) them pictures. Anyways, I've decided to trust that my friend Katja's 4 year old will hold back surfing the world wide web for another three weeks and at least put this up.

Pirate T-shirt

The whole world seems to be into pirates these days, so I figured, may as well give pirate t-shirts to small boys for Christmas. It's a bit of a bummer that the stripes show through the iron on stuff. But it's not too bad.

Right, time to stop wittering now.

Oh, just one more thing. There has been some excitement recently, because cousin Jenn seems to have sold me to some sort of artists' collective.Well, not really sold, she just kept showing their ringleader this book, and now he wants to meet up when we're over in Germany for Christmas. Wahey!

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