Friday, January 26, 2007

The inside of my head

Hello. It seems to take me ages these days to get anything done. I still haven't finished my mum's christmas present! That's the one for last christmas, in case you're wondering. I just keep getting sidetracked by other stuff. Like these. Not that I've made any of them yet. I got... err... sidetracked.

Today I tried to work out timezones in my head. And this occurred to me: what time is it at the poles? When I try to work it out, my head goes all fuzzy. I assume there's some sort of scientific explanation, and knowing Mike, he could probably have a good go at telling me, but hey - why speak to him when he can just read my blog?

Anyways. I've also been up to some exciting things. I discovered swap-bot. And promptly signed up for the beads & buttons matchbox fill one, where you have to - guess what - fill a matchbox with beads and buttons. I took some pics of what I put in as well, but today, just before posting it, I changed my mind and put lots of other stuff in and forgot to take new photos! So now the mystery package is on its way to Canada. How exciting!

The latest bestseller...

I also finally put up the pics of that latest book I made. Somehow I feel like I rushed it a bit. I like the story, but I don't know... It's not my best one. I did try some fancy stitching on the edges this time, though, and I like that. Also, I actually stitched the outside cover on, rather than glueing it. Being the short tempered not very patient bint I am I just hate having to wait for things to dry, so it seemed like a good idea! I think it worked out nicely, and also opens up new decoration possibilities for non-patterned fabrics. Right. That's enough rambling for now. Bye!

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