Friday, January 12, 2007

Icy randomness

Originally uploaded by pet1000.

I said, ages ago, that I'm going to put up some pics of the other book I made for the exhibition, but I can't find them now (Dr Mikenstein ran off with them....). So, instead I give you this icy strangeness. It's kinda like an upside down icicle that grew overnight in the sink in my parents' garden. The drips from the tap above must have created this stalagmite-like creature. There's a couple more views here and here.


majew said...

hey whats up?

maybe one day you'll find some space @ ... i think so, you have the zeug dazu ... ]

King Carmen said...

ooooh... da fuehl ich mich ja gleich mal ganz geehrt... schankedoen! :^D

(scheisse aber auch, jetz will ich wieder gleich dieses doofe buch kaufen...)

majew said...

oder guck ma hier ...