Sunday, January 28, 2007

Psycho the Hippie Horse

Wow... That's 3 blog posts in 3 days now... But don't worry, I'll make this a relatively quick one...

I came across this drawing in one of my many random tattered pads, and ever since it's been lying around waiting to be put somewhere it won't be covered in tea/ dust/ baby puke. Initially I thought that from this angle it's not quite so obvious how wonky it is, but now I see myself corrected. For some reason I still like it. No idea who this is, by the way. I seem to remember just copying off the picture of some statue or other in a random magazine.

The main point of this post, however, is that this pretty, pretty horse reminded me that I had horsey ideas flying round in my head, so last night Mixmaster Mike took himself off to play skittles and I created Psycho the Hippie Horse:

Psycho the Hippie Horse

This pic doesn't really do him justice. Everytime I look at him I'm more taken with him. He's completely hand-sewn, which I don't normally have enough patience for, but these days it seems easier than getting the sewing machine out. Well, seeing as my sewing machine is usually out, it shouldn't make too much difference, but somehow it's easier to stop and start doing things by hand than stop something sewn by machine, just in case that makes any sense to anybody but myself.

Mike had also ordered me to take a week-long blog reading holiday, which as you can see is paying off already! I'd probably spent all night getting down about all the cool stuff other people come up with instead of making my own cool stuff...

Anzwaz, that's enough, I say!

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