Monday, February 05, 2007

An unlikely saviour...

An unlikely saviour

Gregory Parsnip Jones! Well I never! He must have climbed down from his smelly perch and rescued the fair maiden in distress. Well, spring appears to be in the air - maybe old Gregory has fallen in love. Maybe he just wants to make soup, though.

Anyways, I got a treat from our grumpy postman today:

swappy treats

Mel sent me this lovely load of beads and buttons. The box it came in was huge, and initially I was really worried I'd gotten the wrong end of the stick and sent the wrong size of matchbox...

Unfortunately it seemed to have fallen apart a bit in transit...

Swappy treats

I'm still finding it hard to get over the teenciness of these buttons.

Eency weency buttons

Stripey beads

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maik said...

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