Tuesday, March 13, 2007

MySpace is a funny thing. Most of the time I hate it, because even if I manage to find anybody I know, in no time at all their sites get on my tits so badly that I have to stop looking at them. Sometimes, though, (read: today for the first time), you come across a completely different side of people you thought you had successfully pidgeonholed. Thus, today I found Mr Senfer singing 'Die Schulmeisterarie', and very nicely, too. (Ok, ok, if you insist... Here's the link to his MySpace site as well.) Those of you who graced us with your attendance at our wedding thing in Ronneburg might remember him as the guy who did the music.

So there!


sharon said...

i have a love hate relationship with it too. we will discuss at a later date, and i might reveal that i have a page, or i might not.

King Carmen said...

i already know that you've got one, 'cause eireann told me - ha! haven't seen it yet, because so far i've not managed to stay calm for long enough whilst trying to find my way round it.