Friday, May 18, 2007

These are a few of my favourite things...

Somehow noise really seems to be getting to me today. Maybe it's because I was woken up last night by an idiot throwing a TV out of his window, followed by several glass bottles. Sometimes I just can't believe these people actually make it into university.
It didn't help that I was actually just in the middle of a pretty disturbing dream about people punching babies. But the topper was, really, that afterwards he decided to clean up. With bare hands. No brush or anything. Which resulted in a lot of moaning to his friends about how 'sliced as fuck' his hands were. Moaning, interspersed with bragging about the fact that he threw a TV out of his window, of course. You just gotta love it.

So, today, cars and people and our radio, which is broken and suddenly goes very loud and can't be turned down when it does, really get on my tits, and once again I envy people not living here. Which makes me feel a bit cranky. Just in case you didn't notice.

Anyways, to counteract this mood at the start of what is, after all, the weekend and therefore the end of the embargo on chocolate biscuits, I shall concentrate on things I like, a few of which I was reminded of this week in particular.

Let's start with Liz McGrath, an artist I came across for the first time recently in Craft: magazine. Her website is very flashy, but in a very amusing and wacky way, and her art is freaky and funny and cute and a lot of all the good things in life.

Looking at her stuff got me doodling, and suddenly I noticed that I hadn't done any drawing without purpose for a long time. It's nice to do that sometimes, and I ended up getting my colour pencils out again, which was very nice, and another thing I hadn't done for a very long time. The best things happen when the random doodlemagic takes over.


Also this week, I realised why I like getting a veg box delivered. You just get the wackiest shaped stuff in them.

I love getting veg boxes

And finally, I'm also pretty fond of rasterbation.


(Unfortunately it's already fallen off the wall... aah well.)

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majew said...

"really get on my tits"
that's funny!!! i rejoice my ass away !!