Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Vintage and other monstrosities

This is what they call vintage, I think
So, last week I discovered how easy it is to make petticoats! Always one to fall for the latest fad, me. And as soon as I fell, I had this fabric in mind for it. I love it so much. I got a whole load of it (used to be bed linen) from my gran, on the condition that I wouldn't make any clothes out of it. Does that make me a bad person, going against my dead gran's wishes? I mean, come on - look at it! It screams to be worn, don't you think?

It was quite a busy week, really. Amongst making petticoats and other things, I also started doodling again. This one was a happy accident.
Random doodle
I'd been meaning to try out those ears for a while.

But the main reason for picking up my sketchbook was that the idea of trying to base creatures on all the faces that aren't really any and get published in books like this had been kicking around for a bit. Like, you know, making it a regular thing. Not the grandest of ideas, I know, but I've started, and the plan is to do one each day. Although, I missed yesterday already.... Anyways, here are the first two. I guess I should maybe include the pics they're based on, but its too much of a faff now, so I'll leave it. Maybe later.

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Anonymous said...

Love the ears! Looks like baby Harry ...