Thursday, February 07, 2008

Completely by accident...

...I clicked on the blog button. Honestly. And then the buzzer went, and I got the parcels (Yes. Plural. I'd just finished tidying up, too.) my mum sent over, with the stuff we left at Christmas. I'd completely forgotten about this fabric...

I really like it. Oh and talking of fabric, I got myself some funny glances the other day in the fabric shop. Because this one

actually made me squeak. It's so cute it makes your eyes bleed. Of course, I immediately bought it and made it into another underskirt. Hehe.

Apart from that, I've been experimenting with heads and ears. Not very successfully so far, but I think I've worked it out in my head now, at least. So now I've only got to make it work in real life...

Finally, before I forget, everybody say YAY for the achievement of the week!
Achievement of the week

Btw, in case you were wondering, that faces thing I posted about last time isn't really happening. I still think about it, but I just can't be arsed. What a surprise. I did some doodling, though. This is what Nils looked like this morning.
This is what Nils looked like this morning

I think he may be ill.

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