Friday, February 29, 2008


So, it's been a good week here. It all started with our noisy bastard of a downstairs neighbour apparently moving out. I say apparently, because nobody has actually come up to me and said, he's moved out. He was just seen with a car and lots of stuff in the hallway, and since then the flat downstairs seems to be empty, and is definitely quiet. I saw him in the street the other day and couldn't help giving a mad cackle of cautious delight.

Then on Sunday, I ended up having a good excuse not to fence. Crazy neck. I know that it's really quite sad and stupid to get so het up about something that I'd prefer to be in pain than to take part in what, essentially, would have been a day of friendly poking, but after last week, it was what I needed. I sold raffle tickets instead.

And finally, on Monday, I got word back from a gallery, who accepted my application for their forthcoming artist's books exhibition! Oooey. My first proper exhibition! As in, the first one not organised by me or somebody who knows me. It's exciting and scary. Suddenly I've got to think about insurance and wholesale prices. Oh, and write a bio.

I know you're waiting for it, but no. I won't give in to the temptation to whinge about it. It's a good thing. So there.



PhotonStorm said...

Wahey! Congrats on the exhibition!

King Carmen said...

Thank you! I'm really quite chuffed myself!