Thursday, March 06, 2008

Japanese rabbits

Say hello to Mr Rabbit! That is an order! I ordered some books from, partly because it was such a crazy experience, and partly because the books looked cool. The one above is definitely my favourite. It's got the cutest mobile, like, ever, in it, and I just want to sit and make tiny strawberries all day! Ok, so in the end Mr Rabbit won over the strawberries for the first go (and, well, the second one, too...) , but just you wait! There shall be fabric fruit all over the place soon!

The other ones I got were this one (ok, but not quite as cool as I thought it would be), this one (lotsa cute cross stitch patterns) and this one (funny mostly for it's random bits of japlish, but with lots of cool stamps).

The most amazing thing was how fast they got here. They were only shipped on Monday.

Well anyways. Giddy with desire for corduroy slices of watermelon, I shall leave you now. Good night.

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