Friday, March 14, 2008

We're on a roll!

Monster in the Moonlight

*Another* great week here in Carmenland. I wonder what's goin' on. Maybe this year is trying to make up for the last one. I can live with that.

First off, Dave agreed to take my portrait, for the press kit I was supposed to put together. We went out last Sunday, and, though a bit weird at the start, wasn't anywhere near as bad as I expected it to be. And I did end up with a portrait I kinda like, too.

This was followed by me, after a week of chewing my nails, finally finishing off my bio. My relief at both these accomplishments was, of course, tempered a bit by the fact that I learned today that the gallery doesn't want them anymore. Oh well. At least I've got them now. I'll prolly put at least the bio up on my Carmenland website (which links to my etsy shop, but otherwise is very boring and currently also horrendously out of date...).

Fencing was really quite pleasant this week, and followed by (finally!) a brainwave. I'd been meaning to make another skirt for ages, but just couldn't decide what kind of fabric to use. On Wednesday night, suddenly it was very clear to me that it had to be light blue, with the lovely Elephant trim I got a wee while back. Even Nils obliged and had a 3 hour nap, just so I could finish it. I love it so much!

And finally, today I went round Sharon's and we finally tried out the Gocco printer, as we'd been meaning to for a good two years now. Well, you know all those people raging about Goccos? They're right! It was so much fun! I'm addicted.

Enough of this now.

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