Thursday, June 05, 2008

No, not the chair again!

I got a new cushion for it today. It was really quite pricey for a piece of foam. It is very comfy. I don't know if a better solution could have been found.

But really, enough of that. Have some chicken.

Chickens for Charity

A friend of mine just got a new job, and one of the first problems posed to her was procuring a chicken. Naturally, being a bit of a chicken-making pro, I offered to make one. Not sure they'll actually use it (it's for a window display), but I quite like it. I mainly used white corduroy and some cream coloured upholstery fabric with a dot pattern, plus some lace and felt. I put rice in the bottom, to make it more stable, and filled the top half and neck/head with styrofoam beads. That's it.

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Julie Stenning said...


I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now and just love your stuffed animals. I can't get up to Scotland to purchase any from your craft fairs, could I buy one (or even more) by post from you?

I'm not sure if the comment will show my e-mail address so just in case it is