Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Chair news

The chair. I cannot get over the luckiness of it all. I got me a heavy duty stapler and went to work - First I stapled in some webbing (bit wonky, I know....), so now you can sit in it. Nils has already done a lot of lounging in it. I also decided to sand the legs, and they're almost done. I'll re-varnish them, but the old varnish had worn off and was scratched in a few places. The wood looks so beautiful freshly sanded...

I also went to John Lewis and fell utterly in love with completely the wrong fabric (in red). It's so lovely and so not suitable for upholstery! It's also £14 a metre, so not cheap enough to make mistakes with, really. A trip to IKEA has already been planned, and I'm tempted by the red flowery one of these. We'll see. IKEA prices are definitely much friendlier than other places'.

In other news, after my last post, I made a strawberry for the mobile I was on about. But now I need to get thinner sewing machine needles, as I've only got huge ones that mangle thin fabrics. And obviously I can't possibly sew anything by hand. That would just be ridiculous.

That last market, btw, was sadly a bit of a waste of time. Although having said that, I sold *all* of the notecard sets. Just not much else... Hopefully the next one will be better.

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