Friday, May 30, 2008

Back from the land of visiting parents

They left absolute ages ago, of course, so can't really be used as an excuse for not blogging, but oh well.

So, we've got a new camera! I'm still trying to befriend it, though, so excuse the crappy photos in the meantime...

There's another market coming up, tomorrow. Once again at the Drill Hall in Dalmeny Street, Edinburgh, once again from 12 - 7, so come along and buy stuff! I've been tinkering with little notecards. For this time, though I had to make them bigger than I wanted, as I'm still looking to find a not quite so high maintenance way of making the correct size of envelopes. They're coming though, don't worry...


Also, I did some packaging magic. It's quite fun!

Apart from that, I appear to have lots of *big* projects goin' on. I'm steadily crocheting away at my 400-granny-square-blanket. Oh, and I cleverly decided that I really need to make a quilt for Nils. And sew him a jacket. And, well, that mobile from this book is not going to make itself either, I guess. And then, today, this little radgo followed me home:

Found chair

(The chair, I mean. Nils follows me home a lot, too, but I've kinda gotten used to that by now. In case you're wondering, Nils' pants are wet there because he's been leaning against the chair, which had been standing in the rain, not because he had an accident...)

So, Mr. Comfy Armchair needs to be de-gunked, and re-seated, and re-covered in something that doesn't remind me of bin. I'm thinking polka dots.

Look at the foot!

Oh, I can't wait to sit in it and read a book! Or, well, crochet...

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