Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Making faces

I've been looking at bento boxes a bit too much recently. I really love the idea of opening your lunchbox at work and having something fun look back at you! And, fortunately, kids are a great excuse to play with food anyways.

So, on Monday night, I couldn't sleep, so I got up at one in the morning and made a little teddy bear sandwich for Nils. It's got yeast spread on it, and ears and a snout made of cheese. The eyes and nose are raisins, and the mouth is a little sliver of veggie sausage. The stuff at the top of the pic are little stars cut out of the leftover sandwich.

For tomorrow, I made him a kitty cat. Again it's yeast spread (I'm not a very imaginative sandwich filler... It's always either yeast spread or cheese...), but with tofu ears. Cucumber eyes, apple snout, raisin nose, yay! It also comes with some extra apple stars.

I hope he likes it. He ate all of the other one, according to the nursery. No mention was made of weather he gasped in awe beforehand.


mel said...

too cute too eat!

mel said...

too - to