Saturday, July 12, 2008

Too orangey for crows

My achievement of the week: A dress! I bought this a few months ago, when my cousin was over. I had no hopes of ever fitting into it, (I had trouble getting it on with the zip wide open, closing it was completely out of the question!), but she was dithering over whether she wanted it, and I thought that if she decides against it, I could always at least stop somebody else from wearing it! Err... and re-use the lace.

So, in my huge trunk of fabric it went and there it stayed until Thursday, when I was looking for some usable fabric (unsuccessfully - I only seem to have crap in there...) and stumbled across it. Oh, did I mention that it was white at that point?

Gripped by sudden madness, I tried it on, and wahey! it fit! And there was space to breathe and everything! And then I thought! White! Messy pigs like me shouldn't be left alone in one room with white dresses, never mind being allowed to wear them. (Quite apart from the fact that me knickers showed through....) So I went to my trusted dye dealer and bought some Dylon Rosewood Red fabric dye. And proceeded to be amazed at the lovely brightness of the colour. The pic, as usual, doesn't really show it like it is. It's kinda too browney to be red, but too orangey to be brown. It's utterly lovely. Waiting to see how it survives the next wash, though...


Inge said...

Zeigst du dich bitte mal im Kleid.

King Carmen said...

Ha ha - *Fat* chance! :^D bin ich doch viel zu schuechtern fuer... Aber da ich's bis jetzt nur mit Muehe geschafft hab, es ueberhaupt mal abzulegen, besteht durchaus eine gute Chance, dass ich's auch zur Emmeline Sommerfete noch anhab, und dann kann ich ja mal fuer's Biensche modeln... ;^)