Thursday, December 11, 2008

Busy busy

A friend recently said that pre-Christmas is in a different time zone which works at twice the speed and I fear she may be right. With nine days to go before we head to Germany all I've done about getting presents for the family so far is having ideas...

Meanwhile, commissions are rolling in, which is so exciting! But also so time consuming! It also leads to some crazy straying-from-the-pattern-of-the-moment-path right into the production of robots!

I'm so pleased with this little guy. The picture is shit. Really. In real life he's so sweet, I just want to hug him! All day! Of course the making of robots had occurred to me before, but, like, the whole world is making robots these days, so it didn't seem that much of a challenge. But now I can think of a hundred kids who might get one for christmas!

Aside from that, the Flumptwizzle pattern got re-purposed into a fancy pink kitty cat.

I know. Let's not talk about the quality of these pictures... It seems that my photographic abilities, never hugely exciting, disappear completely with the hours of daylight in the winter. On the good side this means, of course, that with the solstice right over there about to come up, things should start improving soonish again.

On a different, completely random note, and just because I'd like to say it, it was the last fencing class of the year yesterday, and I went to the pub with some of the guys afterwards, and it was really pleasant.

That's it.

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