Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy new year everyone!

I had, like, the laziest christmas ever. We arrived in Germany on 21 December, and I think the first time I got up off the couch after that was 4 January, when it started snowing and we had to get the sledge out. Learned how to knit socks, though!

On the presents front I did quite well. Dr Mikenstein got me these super-lovely earrings, coz I'd favourited them on etsy and he went and found them without me saying anything. Nice, eh?

My mum got me a Roemertopf, because I wanted something to bake bread in. We tried it already, and it worked much better than the soup pot I've been using so far.

I came back with lots of ideas for create52, which I've been neglecting a bit recently...

Today, though, the winter's getting to me a bit and I'm feeling sleepy and cold and a little bit restless. So for now, I'm just faffing and not thinking about anything that requires brains.

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