Sunday, January 18, 2009

Crafty weather

It's all shit outside. The rain just keeps coming down like nobody's business, and when it doesn't, the icy wind makes you want to stay inside anyways. Good weather to catch up on all the crafty business, if only the light wasn't so crap!

Anyways, I've been making Sauerkraut and did up another toy box for Nils, for create52. The Sauerkraut is being a bit confusing. Even now, two days later and after a vigorous re-mixing with some more salt, there's no sign of brine forming. I wonder if the cabbage was too old and didn't have enough water in it anymore. For the moment, it just looks and smells like cabbage salad. We'll see how it goes.

Nils' nursery keep asking everyone to label all of the children's belongings clearly, so I finally made the long-planned Nils ribbon. Next up is a fox equivalent to this cat. Also, I brought back an old battered kids book of mine which needs re-binding. I'm dithering about what to bind it in, though. Still looking for the perfect fabric.

Now I'm beginning to wonder, however, with the flat getting colder by the second, and Nils finally napping, and the rain drumming against the window, if this crafty weather isn't actually rapidly turning into sleepy weather.


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