Monday, January 26, 2009

Domestic goddessing, but not much else...

Did I mention that I have one of these little friends now? I'm still getting used to it, but it's quite fun. It also led me to create yet more ribbon. Which isn't too bad, seeing as I'm all out, having sold it all at the last market. I kinda like this one. I used some in the cover of the book I'm in the process of binding.

Also, for the first time *ever*, I am the proud owner of some ridiculously cute japanese fabric. It's even more cute in person, and I just can't see myself ever actually taking a pair of scissors to it. Having said that, I managed to get myself to use a little bit of the three little piggies one for the aforementioned book, but only it allowed me to cut a straight strip of the top of the piece, so that it still looks whole. Nope, doesn't make sense to me either.

Anyways. Tonight I'm baking bread. Tomorrow I'll be baking more complicated things.

'part from that, not much.

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