Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spring has sprung, and I'm not afraid to say it

One day, a couple of weeks back, Nils went into superwhinge mode (he does that now sometimes. It's very annoying.) I managed to distract him by showing him embroidery. It was quite fun, and he got very excited, although the joy of pushing needles with colourful thread through fabric was nothing compared to the utter hilarity of cutting things! With scissors! As you can see, he did quite well, though he's still got a bit of practicing to do when it comes to holding it still for the camera.

Back home on the craft range, the news is that, suddenly, I'm apparently into knitting. I learned to knit in school, like, twenty years ago or so. Since then, I've always avoided it. My mum/ gran/ aunt/ every other family member happily spend every waking minute making clicky noises with needles, but I always found it too much of a faff. Then, at christmas, my mum introduced me to bamboo needles and the secret easy way of knitting sock heels, causing me to knit a pair of socks for myself that were actually as long as I wanted them. (Hitherto, my gran had been the sock knitter, but when it comes to socks any longer than, say, mid-calf, she tends to be a bit 'zach', as we say in Germany.)

Then I lost my bamboo needles for a bit, but a friend introduced me to this pattern, which got me very excited. I made one, which turned out not so nice, so I started another one, which has now been abandoned in favour of mittens! I really liked the idea of making up your own pattern, and came up with this owl thingee.

Not sure how recognisable it is, but I like it. I'm tempted to put this oak leaf design on the other one, but not sure yet. Might make up something else.

Mittens! Mittens!

Of course, you know what this means, right? Spring is here! Because of course, it would be completely ridiculous if I made myself a pair of mittens at a time of year in which I actually get a chance to wear them. I'm not complaining, though. This winter was a bit rough on me, for some reason.

Anyways. I shall go back now to thinking about the second mitten. And don't worry, I'll finish the fish hat, too. Eventually.

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