Sunday, May 10, 2009

Monster systems are go!

Hey - I went to see the new Star Trek movie yesterday and it was ace. I never use that word usually, but it seemed to fit there. Really enjoyed it.

The monsters mentioned recently got me a bit obsessed, so I came up with some more. The one on the left is my favourite, for some reason. Mike doesn't like it. I guess I like this one a lot, too, which surprised me, actually. Anyways, I got so excited about these, that I ordered some Moo cards and stickers! With, like, my website address on'n'stuff, and even the folksy shop address. Even more incentive to get my ass in gear.

Btw, did I mention, that in an incredible stroke of luck, I came across somebody who'll make my website all fancy in return for some fairies? Well, I did. How exciting is that?

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