Friday, June 05, 2009

Up up and away!

It's done! The new website is up! I'm *so* chuffed with it... So, check it out and marvel at the delights it holds in store.

Sometimes I find myself in a love/ hate relationship with ideas. Obviously, having them is kinda essential to doing cool things, but sometimes they get in the way of each other, or completely take over your brain. So, today, instead of preparing for the market tomorrow, making another Minimonster Musical Mobile, as I had planned, and doing the dishes, I faffed about with a dress all day. Meanwhile, it has gotten so late that I won't even bother trying to take a photo of it, and technically, it's not even properly finished.

Well. I may not have anything much to sell tomorrow, but at least I've got something to wear. Gotta get your priorities straight, I guess.


melanie said...

na sehr schön, werde bald mal eine längere reise durch carmenland machen!

p u r l g u r l said...

the website looks great! hope you do well at the artMarket. love all the monsters, ribbon and other schwag-a-licious stuff. as always, it's wonderful. those moo cards turned out awesome as well!!!