Saturday, June 27, 2009

Still sorting through...

Just back from hols, and I'm still sorting through stuff. Once again, I went into needlework overdrive, starting a pair of socks (knitting patterns, people! Suddenly, I'm getting them!), getting THE most exciting embroidery book I have seen in a long time, having my first go at whitework (and having a brainwave, too - more on that once I've actually got some results...), and then making a lovely summery skirt as well. Being round my mum does that to me, and I like it.

The weather was being funny, playing nice whenever it was needed, but no more than that. And I discovered that 'tis a great year for blueberries. Nobody believed me, but if you happen to hang round a german forest in the near future, check'em out!

Enough for now, but there'll be more reports of findings and experiments soon!

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