Wednesday, July 01, 2009


...I'm having an exhibition. I wonder if I should just give in to the fact that long-planned things come to nothing, and that last minute works best for me. Not that this is particularly last minute, in the scheme of things, but given that we were planning to organise an exhibition for the festival at the beginning of the year, and then gave up on it because nobody really had the time or inclination, this came as a bit of a surprise to me.

I've been wanting to find a way to use the Glasite Meeting House for a while now. It's such a lovely building. But the space, unfortunately, is a bit unwieldy. The upstairs room is perfect for exhibitions, but used by yoga and dance classes. The hall is full of pews (which are lovely in themselves, some with graffiti from the 1800s!), and even if I had more stuff to hang on walls, I could never dream of filling the vast amount of space available in there.

But then, suddenly, it struck me: there's quite a large toilet on the ground floor, supposedly accessible for the disabled. I say supposedly, because the building in itself is hard to get into if you have trouble with steps, as all the entrances have stairs on them.

So I liked the idea of using this, but then forgot about it again. Until I mentioned it at work, and it was rather more enthusiastically received than I expected.

So, there you go. An exhibition. In a toilet. Why not, it's the Festival, after all...

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Julie Stenning said...

What a lovely idea.