Thursday, September 24, 2009

A quick one, before we go off to granny-land

So, we're all packed and ready to go on holiday. YAY! But before I go off on a week of not reading blogs and eating cake and getting into arguments with my mum, here's what I did in the quite considerable amount of time since my last post.

Spoonflower fabric, YAY!

First off, I discovered Spoonflower. And oh, how long had I been waiting for this discovery! So, in an attempt to finally, finally, get that chair covered in a fabric that doesn't stain like mad and is nice and suitable for the cushioning of our royal behind, I got some upholstery weight fabric printed. It's *lovely*. I'm so impressed with the quality of the print... Granted, it wasn't the cheapest upholstery fabric ever, but it's not the most expensive one, either, and nothing really beats having your own design on your favourite chair...

Poffle and the Broken Nose

Last Monday I spent writing another book. I'm rather pleased with it. I'm thinking of creating a mini-series in this style, with the same character, but will have to see if this can happen in time for the Christmas market, which, btw, will be on 5 December 2009, so come along! There'll be christmas cards, books, and another Spoonflower-creation: monstery bags. You'll see!

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