Monday, February 22, 2010

WIPing the night away

I like those little musical windy thingees, but I wish I knew what they're actually called. I have used one before, to make a musical box for my cousin's birthday, and now I'm doing another one.


This is actually the second go. The first one was slightly... umm... unexciting. So when I then accidentally scribbled the guy with the star in his hand, I took it apart and started from scratch.

The box was a lucky antique shop find - I got quite a few of them. They're old display boxes the museum threw out, and I managed to get 12 for a tenner! Yay! They're all different sizes and have a glass-fronted lid. Very posh, even though slightly under paper bug attack. Oh well.

The other thing I did today was come up with a Nils-friendly pattern to use for sticking on boxes.


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