Monday, March 15, 2010

Getting out the green thumb

So, fed up with not having a garden, and inspired by this, added to the fact that it's Spring, I decided to try and grow some stuff this year. A trip to IKEA led to the discovery and prompt purchase of these planting bags, and then there was no stopping me. I doubled up the bottom of the bags with some bin liners, to avoid water leaking out. I've sowed peas, radishes, cucumbers and rocket, and can't wait to see if and how they turn out! I wonder if I'll have to introduce some insects to the flat, to help with the production of peas and cucumbers, or if it'll do to leave the window open occasionally...

Yesterday, relatively spontaneously for our standards at least, we got on the train to Newcastle to visit the Maker Faire. It was brilliant!

Mike's put some pics up on flickr, though I have to say, half of the stuff he photographed, I didn't even see! Saw some cool stuff, though, including Shapeways, a 3D printing place. I'm particularly interested in their stamps - they seem quite reasonably priced, particularly given the worldwide free shipping.

I also met an artist and printmaker, Cassandra Harrison, who's just happened to move to Edinburgh recently. We had a long chat about gocco printing, and possible alternative supplies, now that they're not produced anymore and prices keep subsequently going through the roof - it was great!

We came away with a bunch of books and toys, including some Blinkybugs and Mike even managed to wangle some free sugru for a bike project. It was well worth going. Nils, admittedly, wasn't too blown away... A lot of the toys were a bit too complicated/ fragile for him to play with, but I'm hoping that in future he'll get more excited about it.

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