Monday, March 22, 2010

Pulling the finger

As mentioned before, I recently was lucky enough to meet Cassandra Harrison at the Maker Faire in Newcastle, and this morning we met up for coffee. It was lovely to see her again, as she's very nice, but also because she's a true fountain of knowledge. (I know. "Fountain of knowledge" sounds weird to me, too, but I looked it up, and that's what she is. So there.) Turns out, she was involved in setting up the Newcastle Craft Mafia, which comes in handy for me, as the idea of setting up an Edinburgh one has been banded about for yonks now, but nothing has come of it so far... No excuses now, though!

If you are interested in joining forces, please get in touch: carmen *at* carmenland *dot* com.

Monogrammed Hanky

On the craft front, I've been monogramming again, for a friend's birthday present (guess what letter her name starts with!). I really like this M. Came out a bit wonky, but we're just going to ignore that, right?

In Indoor Gardening News, the rockets are sprouting like crazy, the radishes growing like nuts, and the peas are all peeking their little tips out. No sign of the cucumbers yet, but they've been buried deeper so have a bit longer to go.

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