Saturday, April 03, 2010

What happens on the inside of my head when nobody's looking

Minimonster Musical Madness

Tooth curtains. We've all fantasised about them, right? Ok, then. Maybe not. One night after fencing, at the pub (where else?), the topic was discussed in great detail, however, and due to the forthcoming birthday of the head fencer, led directly into the production of a musical box with tooth curtains.

The mouth contains a tiny vase with a flower sitting on the tongue. Unfortunately the curtain opening system is a bit wonky, as I ran out of time, but all in all I'm rather pleased with it.

Monsters & tentacles

The other random thing that was recently discussed was knitted tentacles in combination with monsters. Which made me think about battles, which made me think about epic stuff, which made me think about stained glass windows. Obviously.

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