Saturday, April 10, 2010

Veg news

Just thought I'd post an update on the indoor garden. It's amazing what difference a little bit of sun makes!


The rocket is looking a bit flimsy, but seems to grow alright. There's some proper rocket-shaped leaves showing now.

Radishes & peas

The peas are certainly looking like peas now - will have to come up with a climbing structure for them before long. The radishes are also growing proper prickly radish leaves.

First cucumber seedling!

The first cucumber seedling has joined in the fun and a tomato plant was also purchased today.

Tomato plant


LissaMe said...

looks great.. but "rockets" Ive never planted rockets I dont think. what is it?

King Carmen said...

Rocket, or rucola or arugula... it's a salady type leafy vegetable. Related to dandelion, I think.

Melissa~ said...

Oh your little plants look great. Makes me want to plant something! :)

Love your teeth curtains too...heh-heh

♥ Melissa~
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